PEP Advantage for the PS2000
PEPAdvantage™ for the PS2000 provides an open station management system for electric car drivers and PEP Station owners. Unlike other networked electric vehicle charging stations, there are no membership requirements for electric car drivers, and no revenue sharing for PS2000 electric car charge station owners. The PEPAdvantage™ network is designed to be flexible and user-friendly, and is offered at a fraction of the cost of other electric vehicle charging station management networks. Through the station's Internet connection, the owner has access to the following features:

Access Management
PEP Stations can be configured for access cards, credit cards, PIN entry or for free charging, and can be configured for time of day operation.

Rate Management
Station owners may set the hourly fee for credit card billing for their electric vehicle charging stations.

Usage Reporting
PEP maintains usage statistics on a per-station and aggregate basis. This information can be distributed to registered users daily, weekly or monthly.

Software Updates
Software updates for your electric car charge stations, as needed.

Monitoring and Diagnostics
24x7 monitoring and a network of over 33,000 service technicians

PEPAdvantage Brochure (597KB)

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